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About Us

Spring Star in Brief

SPRING STAR FOODSTUFF L.L.C is a UAE company based in Dubai and established in the year of 2003 to provide high quality products in UAE as well as for the whole GCC and other countries.

SPRING STAR continues to improve its production and business capacity with an ever-changing structure that is both dynamic and active. Since opening our doors in 2003, we are full of well-deserved confidence as it works to be one of the best known brands in the industry.

We’ve taken huge leaps forward, from being an active local company to being an international brand, and have established ourselves as a well-known regional brand.

Our range of products now covers a wide variety of fruit juice which allows people everywhere to know, love and recognize. We take pride in offering the very best from natural fruits, then putting all that goodness into convenient packages of different sizes and varieties to bring a smile to everyone’s face.


Mission and Vision:

To be respected as a professional company who offers products in excess of customer’s expectations, and support people develop live, respect human being and to take good care of environment. We could put ourselves as “For Added Value People”.

We intend to establish Del Valley as one of the top players in the global market for functional foods with high added-value, which deliver improved nutrition and wellness to consumers, and attain clear leadership in selected product categories and countries with high growth potential for the brand.

Environment Friendly – Realizing the earth survives on a fragile balance between technological advancement and preservation of nature, SPRING STAR also ensures its products are environmentally friendly.

Sound commercial practices meeting the international standards and regulations of each country

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